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About us

With hundreds of matches played by the Albanian National Football Team and beyond, the Red and Black Fans (TKZ) have been the greatest motivator for players on the field as well as all athletes representing the Red and Black colors. Thousands of fans and volunteers have made possible the display of dozens of choreographies in the most famous stadiums around the world, such as in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovenia, Turkey, Iceland, England, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, and more. Many people have been thrilled by emotions, and many others, suffering from the absence of their homeland, have shed tears for the glorious moments created by the boys and girls of TKZ.

Tirana, 28 November 2012

From most of the countries we have travelled to as TKZ, we have received messages of thanks from the media and the hosting countries' organizational authorities after the matches. The first stadium appearance of the Red and Black Fans was on February 18, 2004, in the friendly match Albania – Sweden, which we won with a score of 2-1. Then there was another match in March 2004 against Iceland, which prepared us even better for the first qualifying match for the “Germany 2006” World Cup. Coincidentally, the first match, on September 4, 2004, was against Greece in Tirana, which then came as the newly proclaimed champions of Europe. In this match, Albania won with a score of 2-1, a victory that seemed to awaken the long-lost hope in Albanians and led to a surge of volunteers at the doors of TKZ who wanted to help with their work in building a different kind of fanbase. 

However, it was not only the Men's National Football Team that TKZ supported, but all teams starting from U-17, U-19, U-21, the Women's National Football Team, and the futsal team, as well as the National Basketball and Volleyball Teams. We have also helped in identifying Albanian talents around the world, bringing them closer and assisting in their contacts with the Albanian Football Federation. 

It is also worth noting that TKZ has influenced and requested from the FSHF that Albanian players from all regions should not be considered as “foreign” but as locals.With a vigilant and very active eye, TKZ has reacted to various injustices suffered by our compatriots in Ilirida and Malësia. We have organized and participated in many protests where we thought it necessary to raise our voice, have contributed in various humanitarian situations, and supported the families of former UÇK fighters. We have made a series of requests for the unification of the sports federations of Kosovo and Albania and for the creation of a national league. The members of our group, besides being active in fan organization, have also best displayed their humane side in various misfortunes that have befallen our compatriots.

In conclusion, day by day we are improving, and although there is always room for more in our organizations, we feel very strong in organizing fans even when matches are played outside Albania.

Our Mission

We are dedicated solely to the red and black colors and support every national sport or initiative that aims to elevate the Albanian Flag. We breathe only unity!

Our goal is to gather all Albanian sports fans around the noble mission of supporting the National Team and contributing to its successes. Let's sing for our Albania with one voice, be the 12th player of the National Team, and be more organized and coordinated day by day. While our boys fight their battles on the field and struggle for the red and black flag, we will fight our battle, equally important, that of presenting our country with dignity wherever we go.

Our Values

The Red and Black Fans (TKZ) are the largest organization of supporters of the Albanian national football team, and all Albanian athletes who defend the colors of the red and black flag


Uniting Albanians worldwide under the red and black flag, fostering a sense of national pride. Singing for our Albania with one voice.


Preserving and honoring our ancient roots through celebrations, choreographies, and continuous support of Albanian sports.


Exercising the passion that fills our hearts every time the national team plays, inspiring and guiding us to be there for them at every moment.


Our dedication is more than just a word; it's an everlasting promise to be there for our national team.


Maintaining a respectful attitude towards everyone, promoting sportsmanlike behavior, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere both at home and abroad.


Integrating tradition and innovation to create unforgettable experiences for our fans, and always being one step ahead, bringing new energy and enthusiasm to the stadium.

Our slogan "O sa mirë me qenë Shqiptar" (Oh, how good it is to be Albanian) is one of the most well-known slogans throughout the Albanian lands. On the other hand, the Red and Black Fans are an inclusive group, and from the beginning, we thought about how all Albanians, no matter where they live, should be best represented in both slogan and name. Therefore, we chose a form of expression that is easy to pronounce for every Albanian and that everyone feels as their own.

We have always said that we are a bit more than just fans. This is best expressed by our slogan, "O sa mirë me qenë Shqiptar!". This slogan was born at the same time as the Red and Black Fans. It is a call to all those who feel proud to be Albanian. Our goal has not been to deal with the patriotic education of Albanians.

O sa mirë me qenë Shqiptar!
Tirana, 12 September 2007

We understand very well that we live in a time when patriotism and tendencies of national identification are often met with skepticism and condescension. We know that values, which we once held as sacred, are increasingly giving way to modern counter-values such as greed, self-centeredness, and dry materialism. More than being educational, this call lets you know that it's okay to love your homeland, that there are many others who feel the same way. Our invitation says, "Come join us, you will never have to sing to Albania alone again."

Initially, we thought this expression would be just ours. But soon, we saw that there were Albanians outside the stadiums who had eagerly awaited such a call. It spread rapidly and began to be used in various TV and radio shows, songs, and even in electoral campaigns. We hope this expression always warms the hearts of Albanians, especially those who don't get to hear the beautiful Albanian words every day.

Na duhesh edhe ti!